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Kunst VibrantFields by Abteilung Energy Design, Universität für Angewandte Kunst

Vibrant Fields is an arts-based-research project focusing on understanding climate change through artistic means based at the Institute of Architecture at University of Applied Arts Vienna, Department for Energy Design. This project is funded by FWF PEEK.


The research hypothesizes the urban nature to be an amalgam of biological and artificially produced and technologically mediated matter that share a symbiotic life cycle within the same environment. Only by systematically understanding their relationships, we can contribute to a holistic image illuminating the influence of climate change.


The project aims to unravel principles of adaptation of urban metabolism as a response to energy flows. This will be achieved through observing biological and technological components of cities under extreme climatic pressure. Accordingly, dynamic events of exchange of the urban nature will be analyzed as flows of energy and mediated information. We aim to capture stimuli, impulses, and catalysts as complex streams of measured data.

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