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experimental architecture 4.0 - architecture in motion

Seminar in German

More than 50 years ago, Karl Schwanzer inspired his students at the Vienna University of Technology with his fight for space for experimentation. Today P. Michael Schultes is one of the most experienced pioneers in experimental research and teaching, not only in the field of membrane architecture. He founded the transnational platform "experimonde | the world of experimentation" and, together with Carolin Lotz-Ramirez and Christoph Müller, as well as numerous students, has developed numerous prototypes, for example for movable facades. Christoph Müller and Anel Bucan show how digitization can actually set architecture in motion and make it react interactively to its users. Experimental architecture not as theory, but as sustainable implementation.

From 1982-2002 P.Michael Schultes was the owner of a film processing company founded in 1951 in Vienna (today Here, he combined the experimental understanding of architecture acquired during his studies at the Vienna University of Technology and shaped by Karl Schwanzer with the technical know-how of membrane technology. As a specialist in this field, he has been teaching and researching since 1996 at the Vienna University of Technology, the University of Applied Arts and as a visiting professor in Dessau, Innsbruck, Linz and Nanjing. In 2006, he founded the interdisciplinary and transnational research platform experimenonde, which is headed by Carolin Lotz-Ramirez and Isabella Farkasch since 2011.

Dr Christoph Müller is between science and craft, between technology and art. He completed his dissertation "moving architecture" under the supervision of Manfred Berthold in 2016 at the Vienna University of Technology with distinction. In addition to the TU-Vienna, he also teaches and researches at the University of Innsbruck and the University of Art in Linz. He has an individual authority in the field of electrical engineering and is a member of the IG bildende Kunst. As founder of bewegende Architekturmanufaktur, he designs, develops and builds interactive architectural installations together with Anel Bucan that make everyday functions dance.


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